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Tote The Baby

Written by emde on Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Once the mother know how to raise the baby and pet a baby, it will be the most exciting things. But all that often must go through the learning process does not simple. Here are tips from the other mother that you can learn.

How to raise a baby

It must always remember that when the lift or hold a baby is always sustain neck & head. Babies do not have neck and back muscles are strong, so they need to be assisted to raise the head.

When babies lie, Mother can use both hands to lift the baby - one hand under the buttocks and the other supporting the head and neck.

Tote the baby

Lift the baby with the mother placed the left hand around the neck and the back of the head, while the right hand supporting the buttocks and waist. Slide it up to position the baby is in the hands of right angle indentation. Prop buttocks with the right hand.

Alternatively, approach the baby upright facing breast mother. Strut back and head with left hand (let's head turned to one side). Prop buttocks with the right hand.

Mother needs to relax when the baby tote. If Mother tote with sure, the baby will feel more comfortable. Or, when the baby is stronger, insert the fingers under the armpit mother, while holding the back of the baby's head.

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