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Ask the baby in God

Written by emde on Tuesday, April 14, 2009

At a time, there is a baby is ready to be born. And he said to the Lord, "Lord, You will send me to earth. But I fear, I am still very small and weak. Who will protect me in there?"

God also said, "No problem, your angels will always sing a song for you and she will makes you smile every day. You will feel the love and affection and all that will surely makes you happy."

However, the small ask again, "How can I understand their speech, if I do not know the language they use?" God also said, "Your angel will whisper words of the most beautiful, she will always be there beside you with love and she will teach you to speak with a human language."

The baby said again, "So what if I want to talk you Lord?" God also said again, "Your angel will guide you. She will upturned hands with you and teach you to pray."

Again, the small ask, "But I heard there are a lot of evil people, who later that will protect me?" God replied, "Relax, your angel will continue to protect you even their soul will be the bet. He would often forget their own interests for your safety."

But the baby is even sad, "Lord, I will certainly sad if I do not see You anymore." God said again, "Your angel will always teach you My greatness, and she will educate you how to always dutiful and obedient to me. She will always guide you to always remember Me. Even so, I will always be beside you."

Lucent. Still have peace in heaven. However, voices call from the earth
be vague. "Yes Lord I will go now, please say the name of the angel who will protect me ..." God also said again, "Name of the angel is not so essential. But you will be called with a MOTHER."

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