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Baby Bath

Written by emde on Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Here are some tips to bathe your baby.

1. Prepare clothes, towels, toiletries and other.
2. Never leave a baby alone in the bathroom.
3. We recommend a bathroom or room where the baby is not cold or humid.
4. Always test 'level hot water' in the bathtub. How its, enter your hand or elbow. If it is still too hot, add the water. Never directly enter the baby in the bathtub.
5. Before the 'navel cords' loose or not recover after the circumcision, the baby should only wash with towel. Simply baby bath 2 - 3 days only once.
6. If the navel has not been affected by casual water, clean with alcohol after a bath.
7. For babies who are still too small, given a bed bath or sink with a towel to guard so he is not defeated.
8. Do not use adult soap / shampoo, and do not use soap for the face.
9. When cleaning the dirt baby, do from the front to back.
10. Do not clean the inner ear.
11. Use a small soft towel to clean the face.
12. Clean the eye from the nose and hold to close around them.
13. Wrapped around the body with the 'big towel' before and after
bath so that the baby is not cold.
14. Wash baby's hair as often as possible, especially if the crust occur on the head.

Ask the baby in God

Written by emde on Tuesday, April 14, 2009

At a time, there is a baby is ready to be born. And he said to the Lord, "Lord, You will send me to earth. But I fear, I am still very small and weak. Who will protect me in there?"

God also said, "No problem, your angels will always sing a song for you and she will makes you smile every day. You will feel the love and affection and all that will surely makes you happy."

However, the small ask again, "How can I understand their speech, if I do not know the language they use?" God also said, "Your angel will whisper words of the most beautiful, she will always be there beside you with love and she will teach you to speak with a human language."

The baby said again, "So what if I want to talk you Lord?" God also said again, "Your angel will guide you. She will upturned hands with you and teach you to pray."

Again, the small ask, "But I heard there are a lot of evil people, who later that will protect me?" God replied, "Relax, your angel will continue to protect you even their soul will be the bet. He would often forget their own interests for your safety."

But the baby is even sad, "Lord, I will certainly sad if I do not see You anymore." God said again, "Your angel will always teach you My greatness, and she will educate you how to always dutiful and obedient to me. She will always guide you to always remember Me. Even so, I will always be beside you."

Lucent. Still have peace in heaven. However, voices call from the earth
be vague. "Yes Lord I will go now, please say the name of the angel who will protect me ..." God also said again, "Name of the angel is not so essential. But you will be called with a MOTHER."

Tote The Baby

Written by emde on Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Once the mother know how to raise the baby and pet a baby, it will be the most exciting things. But all that often must go through the learning process does not simple. Here are tips from the other mother that you can learn.

How to raise a baby

It must always remember that when the lift or hold a baby is always sustain neck & head. Babies do not have neck and back muscles are strong, so they need to be assisted to raise the head.

When babies lie, Mother can use both hands to lift the baby - one hand under the buttocks and the other supporting the head and neck.

Tote the baby

Lift the baby with the mother placed the left hand around the neck and the back of the head, while the right hand supporting the buttocks and waist. Slide it up to position the baby is in the hands of right angle indentation. Prop buttocks with the right hand.

Alternatively, approach the baby upright facing breast mother. Strut back and head with left hand (let's head turned to one side). Prop buttocks with the right hand.

Mother needs to relax when the baby tote. If Mother tote with sure, the baby will feel more comfortable. Or, when the baby is stronger, insert the fingers under the armpit mother, while holding the back of the baby's head.

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