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Baby Bath

Written by emde on Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Here are some tips to bathe your baby.

1. Prepare clothes, towels, toiletries and other.
2. Never leave a baby alone in the bathroom.
3. We recommend a bathroom or room where the baby is not cold or humid.
4. Always test 'level hot water' in the bathtub. How its, enter your hand or elbow. If it is still too hot, add the water. Never directly enter the baby in the bathtub.
5. Before the 'navel cords' loose or not recover after the circumcision, the baby should only wash with towel. Simply baby bath 2 - 3 days only once.
6. If the navel has not been affected by casual water, clean with alcohol after a bath.
7. For babies who are still too small, given a bed bath or sink with a towel to guard so he is not defeated.
8. Do not use adult soap / shampoo, and do not use soap for the face.
9. When cleaning the dirt baby, do from the front to back.
10. Do not clean the inner ear.
11. Use a small soft towel to clean the face.
12. Clean the eye from the nose and hold to close around them.
13. Wrapped around the body with the 'big towel' before and after
bath so that the baby is not cold.
14. Wash baby's hair as often as possible, especially if the crust occur on the head.

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