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Chinese Gender Chart, Possibility of Baby 'Boy' or 'Girl'

Written by emde on Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Chinese Gender Chart, Possibility of Baby 'Boy' or 'Girl'

This is enlist the possibility for gender of baby what we will can pursuant to mother age ( from research in China ) comparing with month of moment the happening of conception. Become can to about as well as can for planning of what woman or man of our child will wait.
This list is taken away from Royal tomb near by Peking in China. Its Original List in Institute of Science in Peking. Accurattion have been proved by thousands of people dan proven by 99% accurate.
Enlist this pursuant to month from baby conception ( based on the month of the baby is conceived ( on the first time fertilization )), non pursuant to baby birth.
Follow the example of : if age of Mother 27 year and impregnation (± menstruating last) January, hence its child of the woman, but if impregnation on february its child is man.

Okay..Congratulation try it and make a wish.

Boldness :
Pink = Woman
Blue = Men

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